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Explicit Instruction

Structured, Explicit Literacy Teaching

In his article, Odegard (2020) discusses the importance of the structured, explicit teaching of literacy, He notes that this approach is particularly beneficial for students with dyslexia who require more intense and sustained instruction compared to their typically developing peers to become proficient readers. However, it is an approach that is also beneficial for all […]

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Behaviour of Reading Comprehension Test Takers

Every year a large number of students sit standardized reading tests. The data from the tests are used to identify students requiring supplementary reading instruction and whether a school might need to change its reading program. However, how students engage with the test task is largely unknown and students with the same test score may […]

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Word chains

Word Chains

Phonological awareness (in particular phoneme manipulation) and word patterns are two important elements in the learning to read and spell process. Creating ‘Word Chains’ is a fun activity for providing students practice in these skills. The basic premise is that the student is given a word and then one sound or grapheme is changed to […]

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Magnifying glass4

Is it Really Poor Comprehension?

The number one reason that students score poorly on reading comprehension assessments is because they can’t decode.  If you can’t accurately read the words in the text, then it will be impossible to accurately comprehend the message being conveyed. Students may also present as having poor comprehension when in fact they have poor working memory.  […]

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Disrupted fairy tales

Disrupting Fairy Tales

  When my children were young, once they became very familiar with a story, one of my favorite activities was to read the book making changes to the characters or the situation. The Stepmother in Cinderella became kind and caring, Little Red Riding Hood was portrayed as mean and ungrateful, and Snow White didn’t live […]

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