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Stolen sentences

Stolen Sentences

This is a really simple idea for helping students develop more interesting and complex sentences. Make a pile of strips of paper and coloured markers readily available. As you read stories aloud, encourage students to note sentences that ‘speak to them’. When a sentence resonates with a student he/she asks the teacher to stop, takes […]

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A parody (also known a spoof, take-off, play on words, or joke) is designed to make fun of an existing piece of writing, artwork, music, subject, person or cultural practice. It is believed that parodies originating in ancient Greece. The Greek root ‘par’ means ‘beside’ and ‘ody’ refers to an ‘ode’ or ‘song’. In ancient […]

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adult writing

Adult Pen Pals

Writing to a pen pal is often recommended as a way of engaging children in writing and reading. However, after a few letter exchanges the correspondence tends to dwindle and die. Rather than setting up a peer pen pal, make the connection with an adult. It might be a relative (aunt, uncle, grandparent) or a […]

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Collective Nouns Activity

A noun is a naming word. It is something that you can see, touch, hear, or think about (which is an abstract noun like love). A collective noun is the name given to a group of nouns (e.g., as group of students is a class, a group of birds is a flock). Have your students […]

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