Online Multisensory Reading Level 1 Workshop (Parents)

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The Multisensory Reading Level 1 Workshop for parents consists of 4 Units: 

* Introduction

Implementing the program in the First Week

* Implementing the program in Subsequent Weeks

* Modifications to the Program.

This 2 hour workshop is designed specifically for parents wishing to teach the Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Reading Level 1 program to their own child.  You will be provided with systematic, step-by-step instructions for effectively implementing the programs and demonstrations on how to do the different activities. The Level 1 program is designed for children who do not know the sounds of the alphabet. Although the material was primarily designed as an intervention for students who were struggling to retain this information, it is likely any child beginning to learn the sounds of the alphabet would benefit from the material.

Click here for resources required to implement the Multisensory Level 1 program

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