Grapheme Garden


Combine a craft activity with a learning activity by making a Grapheme Garden!!



  • Paint egg carton
  • Place a hole in the top of each cup.
  • Glue graphemes on plant labels (you can have a different grapheme on each side) or sticks

Activity Instructions

  • The Grapheme Garden can be used for a variety of activities.
  • Spelling: Say a word, students determine the sounds in the word and then find the grapheme sticks to make the word.
  • Phoneme manipulation: After a word has been created, change one sound in the word. You can change the grapheme stick and students determine the new word or you can say the new word and students find the new grapheme stick.
  • Blending: Make a word using the grapheme sticks. Students blend the sounds to read the word.

Note: Only use graphemes students know or are learning.

On completion of the activity the grapheme sticks can be stored inside the egg carton.



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