Multisensory Reading Program Level Four

Adults & adolescents with dyslexia

The Multisensory Reading Program Level 4 is designed to teach adolescents and adults with dyslexia or poor reading skills to instantly recognize the multiple ways that a phoneme (sound) can be written and the multiple ways that a grapheme (letter or combination of letters) can be read so they are able to rapidly decode familiar and unfamiliar words. Students are then in a position to use their ‘mental energy’ in understanding the text.

The Multisensory Reading Program Level 4 is a 15 unit program incorporating challenging vocabulary.  Consequently, it is recommended for older students, including adolescents and adults, with a current reading age of at least 10 years through to 13 years.  Similar to the other books in the series, this Multisensory Reading Program is systematic, structured, multisensory and uses a range of memory strategies to maximize learning.


Unit 1
Common sounds of the alphabet plus short and long vowels

Unit 2
ay, a-e, ai=/ay/
er, ir, ur=/er/
ar, or
oa, o-e, ow=/oa/

Unit 3
ee, e-e, ea, ie=/ee/
oy, oi=/oy/
ow, ou=/ow/
a, au, aw=/or/

Unit 4
oo, u=/oo/
ie, i-e, i=/ie/
ew, oo, ue, ui, u-e=/ue/
ph, gh=/f/

Unit 5
ge, gi, gy=/j/
ce ,ci, cy=/s/
ti, ci ,si=/sh/
i+vowel= /ie/, /ee/

Unit 6
ear, eer, ere=/eer/
are, air, ear, ere=/air/
ch=/ch/, /sh/, /k/
w+or, w+o, w+a, w+ar 
Unit 7
e, i, o, u
Unit 8
a, y, ey, ed
Unit 9
ie, ei, i-e
Unit 10
gh, ue, gue, que
Unit 11
Silent letters
Unit 12
ou, our, ea, ear
Unit 13
oe, oo, split vowels
Unit 14
Adding ‘r’, adding ‘e’
Unit 15
Tricky wordy

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