Multisensory Reading Program Level One

Reading Strategies


The 6 Unit Multisensory Reading Program Level 1 book teaches non-readers to instantly recognize the common sound represented by the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Students also learn how to read simple sound-out words.

Each unit contains 6 different activities.



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On-line Reading Level 1 Workshop for Parents

On-line Reading Level 1 Workshop for Teachers

Unit 1:
a,p,n,c,t (plus the)

Unit 2

e,v,y,s,b (plus I, you)

Unit 3

i,w,l,z,k (plus said, they)

Unit 4

o,f,d,x,g (plus to, come)

Unit 5

u,h,r,j,m (plus here, put)

Unit 6

q (plus was, are, there)

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Multisensory Reading Level 1 (Australian Versions)

Spelling Reading 1

Alphabet Bingo

Alphabet Dominoes

Not sure how to pronounce the letter sounds?

Check out the interactive Alphabet Sounds page.

Click here for additional Games and Resources for teaching the alphabet.


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