Phonological Awareness

A sample of the Phonological Awareness section from the Multisensory Reading Level 1 program



Level 1 Phonological Awareness smll

The first exercise helps develop students link the individual sounds to the letter or letters representing those sounds in each word.

  • In this exercise students are required to firstly identify the sounds in each of the words currently being learned. It is very important that the student does NOT look at the written text, but relies completely on his/her auditory processing skills.
  • If the student has difficulty identifying the individual sounds, together say the word and then gradually say the word slower and slower, drawing out the individual sounds until the student can successfully ‘hear’ each sound.
  • Once each sound in the word has been identified, ask the student for the first sound (e.g., “What is the first sound in ‘at’?). After the student has given the correct response (e.g., /a/ NOT /ay/), he/she chooses the letter representing that sound from a choice of four in the first cell. Repeat this process for each of the sounds in the word.
  • The final step is for the student to write the word in the box at the end of the row. It is important that as each letter is written that the student says the sound it is representing.
Level 1 Phonological Awareness 2 smll
The second exercise is designed to help students ‘see’ words inside of words and therefore make the decoding process easier.

  • Help students decode the word on the left hand side. Draw the students’ attention to the fact that the same sequence of letters (written in bold font) is located inside the next two words to the right. Consequently, the student should immediately be able to say that part of the word without ‘resounding’. Then it is just a matter of substituting the letters.
  • Once students are able to read the 10 list words in 10 seconds, they can practise learning to read this list of word (reading the words in rows from left to right, not down the columns) aiming for a time of 1 word per second.


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