Reading Comprehension

Comprehending text is the ultimate goal of reading. For many students poor comprehension is actually a result of poor decoding.  Once their decoding skills have improved, so too does their comprehension.

However, some students do need specific help to develop their comprehension skills and the Cracking the ABC Code Reading for Comprehension books have been developed for these students. It is a structured, comprehensive program, using a variety of texts and consists of 10 levels for students with a current comprehension age of 7 years through to 12 years.

Like all Cracking the ABC Code programs, the books are designed to significantly increase students’ reading comprehension skills in a relatively short-time frame.


Concepts Taught:

Characterisation and setting
Making predictions
Identifying main idea and supporting details
Finding detail
Cause and effect
Interpreting figurative language
Determining emotion
Determining purpose of text and tense
Finding relationships
Distinguishing between fact and opinion

Identifying problems and solutions

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Level 1: 7 years

Level 2: 7 years 6 months

Level 3: 8 years

Level 4: 8 years 6 months

Level 5: 9 years

Level 8: 10 years 6 months


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