The Editing workbooks introduce students to the rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation in a systematic and structured format. They provides multiple exercises to maximise learning and to ensure retention of the information in long term memory.

Understanding rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation enables students to understand the reason for the mistakes they are making and thereby help them avoid making the same types of errors in the future.

Similar to the other Cracking the ABC Code programs, once a concept is introduced it is then continually included throughout the remainder of the book, providing further opportunities for students to learn and reinforce this knowledge.

Information is presented in two ways  (Click on the images below for more detailed information):

Skill Building Exercise

Skill Building Exercise

Editing Exercise

Editing Exercise

Although the books can be used independently, they have been designed to reinforce the phonic knowledge taught in the Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Reading programs and the exercises include the vocabulary introduced in these programs.

Click on the images to preview sample pages from each book.

Editing Level 1Editing 1 links to Multisensory Reading Level 2B

Editing 2Editing 2 links to Multisensory Reading Level 3A

Editing 3smllEditing 3 links to Multisensory Reading Level 3B

Editing 4Editing 4 links to Multisensory Reading Level 3C

Answers are provided for all activities.

Rules Rules

You may also find exercises in the Rules Rule book a useful supplement to the Editing books.

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Editing Level 1

Editing 2

Editing 3smll

Editing 4


Editing 1 Photocopy

Editing 2 Photocopy

Editing 3 Photocopy

Editing 4 Photocopy


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