High Frequency Words

The Multisensory Spelling High Frequency Words spelling book consists of the 300 most frequently used words re-organised from level of frequency to level of difficulty.

The multisensory spelling technique utilized in these books has been developed over many years and tried and tested on numerous students with excellent results. Research shows that learning is most effective when all senses are used and consequently this program requires students to use the visual, auditory and tactile senses. The program is based on the premise that phonemic knowledge provides the building blocks of literacy and consequently it is recommended that the books be used in conjunction with a systematic and sequential phonic program.

The words in each book are available in the High Frequency Word List. It is recommended that you download the list and test the student’s ability to the spell the words on the list to determine which book(s) are required.

Go to the Sample Pages for detailed instructions on how to use these multisensory spelling books.

300 High frequency word list          Connor    


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Reading Level 1 Spelling Words

Reading Level 2A Spelling Words

Spelling 300 High Frequency Words

Spelling 300 High Frequency Words



Spelling Level C

Spelling Age: 6 years

Spelling Level D

Spelling Age: 6 years 6 months

Spelling Level E

Spelling Age: 7 years

Spelling Level F

Spelling Age: 7 years  6 months

Spelling Level G

Spelling Age: 8 years

Spelling Level H

Spelling Age: 8 years 6 months

Spelling Level I

Spelling Age: 9 years

Spelling Level J

Spelling Age: 9 years  6 months

Spelling Level K

Spelling Age: 10 years

Spelling Level L

Spelling Age: 10 years  6 months

Spelling Level M

Spelling Age: 11 years

Spelling Level N

Spelling Age: 11 years  6 months

Spelling Level O

Spelling Age: 12 years

Spelling Psmll

Spelling Age: 12 years  6 months

Spelling Qsmll

  Spelling Age: 13 years

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