Alphabet Book (American Version)


  • Author: Lillian Fawcett
  • Publisher: Cracking the ABC Code
  • Format: PDF
  • Copyright: 2011
  • Pages: 43
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My Alphabet Book is a coloring in and activity book which helps teach the sounds of the alphabet.  It is downloaded as a 43 page pdf which is then printed.

Each page:

  • Introduces a letter of the alphabet in the same order as in the Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Reading Level 1 book.
  • Uses a key picture to help children remember the sound of the letter.  The key picture begins with the same sound as the letter being introduced and has a similar shape to that picture (e.g., /a/ apple and the letter ‘a’ looks like an apple when you add leaves and color it red).
  • Has an outline of the letter indicating the starting point and the direction of movement for children to practice writing the letter correctly.
  • Shows the upper case version of the letter.
  • Includes three words containing the letter in different places.  The words are written as an outline so children can write inside the lines of each letter.  In addition, these words can be used to help develop children’s phonological awareness.  An adult can read the words and children identifying whether the sound being learned is at the beginning, middle or end of each word.
  • Has a ‘lift the flap’ activity.  Children find four pictures of words beginning with the letter and sound and paste one in each square.  A square containing the letter is cut from the provided pages and one edge is glued over each picture.  A list of suitable words is provided.

At the end of the book are three revision pages presented as a ‘lift the flap’ activity and containing the letter and the key picture.

Detailed instructions and extension activities are provided.

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