Mad Mad Mad Flip Book


  • Author: Lillian Fawcett
  • Publisher: Cracking the ABC Code
  • Format: PDF
  • Copyright: 2011
  • Pages: 25
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  • The Mad Mad Mad flip book is downloaded as a 25 page pdf (complete with coloured pictures).  These pages are then printed ‘double sided’ and cut in half to form a 50 page booklet.
  • Detailed instructions for assembling the book are provided.  It is recommended that the book be bound using a plastic comb.  However, it will work using staples.
  • The Mad Mad Mad flip book has been designed specifically for beginning readers.
  • Other than ‘the’ and ‘to’ every word in the book can be sounded out.   Therefore, when your child cannot read a word, help him/her to sound it out (/b/, /a/, /t/ NOT /bee/, /ay/, /tee/).
  • Initially, an adult should read the book with the child.  However, once the child is familiar with all the words, the child can read it with another child or to a younger child.
  • Each page has been divided into three sections – a subject, a verb and a noun phrase.
  • The book consists of 22 unique sentences.  However, because each of the three sections can be turned independently a large number of different (often crazy) sentences can be made.  This provides the beginning reader many opportunities to practise the same words but in different sentences.
  • In addition, the verbs are written in past, present or future tense.  This provides a good opportunity to introduce your child to these concepts and to help them learn to recognise the different tenses.
  • A list of ideas for different ways in which the book can be used is included.
  • This book provides an effective way of supporting and revising the Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Reading Level 1 book program.

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