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Writing Creatively (American Photocopiable Version)


  • Author: Lillian Fawcett
  • Edition: 1st Revised
  • Publisher: Cracking the ABC Code
  • Format: Paperback book
  • ISBN: 978-1727168648
  • Copyright: 2010-2021
  • Pages: 55
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The photocopiable version of Writing Creatively provides teachers a systematic, step-by-step program for developing students’ written expression skills. Writing Creatively is divided into four parts. The first part provides activities for developing students’ oral expression as good language skills underpin good writing skills. The second part consists of a series of ‘10 minutes a day’ exercises designed to develop students’ vocabulary and sentence structures. Part three introduces students to planning and provides an opportunity for writing longer pieces of text. The final section consists of a collection of additional ideas to encourage, and give students practice in, writing.


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  1. Shehara

    I am finding that it is a really useful resource. I especially like the oral language development activities – which I use as a warm up to written expression. I am also finding the extended writing section very helpful for my students. As a result, their sentences have become more interesting, just by telling them to start with an …ing word, add an adjective, dialogue etc.

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