Multisensory Reading Program Level 3B (American Version)


  • Author: Lillian Fawcett
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Publisher: Cracking the ABC Code
  • Format: Paperback book
  • ISBN: 9798623627230
  • Copyright: 2010-2021
  • Pages: 145
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The Multisensory Reading Program Level 3B is a 12 unit course designed for students who are having difficulty learning to read, including those with dyslexia. It systematically introduces the more complex phonemes and their common graphic forms using a multisensory format. The program consists of 6 interlinking sections: General Knowledge, Phoneme and Vocabulary Development, Comprehension, Oral Reading, and Syllabication. Each section complements and reinforces the other sections and utilizes techniques based on current literacy and memory research.  It is assumed that students know the basic sound-symbol relationship of the alphabet and have some knowledge of the more common digraphs. Consequently, it is recommended for students with a reading age between 7 and 8 years.

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  1. Melanie

    The resources are fantastic and my son is working through them very successfully. His “I will never be able to do it in 15 seconds” attitude has certainly shown some positive change as we have progressed.

  2. Meg

    Today my son said, “This is hard, but fun,” and “I already think this is helping my learning.” This is really is exciting for my son to say this. Anything reading related generally results in lots of anger, including when I did RAVE O with him last year. So thank you for putting something together which is both straightforward and enjoyable. I like that you have used real and interesting words rather than simplifying the vocabulary so much that, first, kids aren’t decoded, and, secondly, they lose interest.

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