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Rules Rule Level 1 is the first of a series of graded books which systematically introduce 35 spelling rules.  10 new spelling rules are introduced in each book and previously introduced spelling rules are revised and covered at a higher level of complexity. Book 1 is designed for early learners who know the sounds of the alphabet and are just beginning to learn to read and spell.  It introduces the first 10 spelling rules. There are five different activities associated with each spelling rule.  Each activity is designed to help develop students’ understanding of the spelling rule and the ability to apply that knowledge in different situations.  It is an effective resource for students with dyslexia or having spelling difficulties or students who just want to improve their spelling.

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  1. Carmel

    I am loving the book. I wanted some activities to support my explicit teaching of these rules in Kindy. We have identified that some of them were not retained into Year 1, along with CVCC blending and spelling and some significant sight words.

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